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Versus de scachis
Editio :
Gabriel Silagi in association with Bernhard Bischoff, Die lateinischen Dichter des deutschen Mittelalters. Fünfter Band: Die Ottonenzeit, Dritter Teil,
München 1979, pp. 652-655 (MGH Poetae latini medii aevi 5,3) Begin of Digitalisat, current standard edition
Fons : ?
Alii Fontēs :
HJR Murray, History of Chess,
Oxford 1913 (previous standard edition).
Conlationes:, Eclecticology, Iustinus, Accurimbono, Xiphophilos
Operis qualitas : 75%.png Perfectus et paratus
Nota : Versus de scachis is a Medieval Latin poem about chess. It is found on two manuscripts from Einsiedeln: MS Einsidlensis 365 and MS Einsidlensis 319.

The version in MS 319 is a partial copy (verses 65-98), of a source other than MS 365, dated to 997. The poem itself was most likely composed in the first half of the 10th century, possibly in Northern Italy. It is the oldest reference to Chess in Europe.

Bis lectus et emendatus:
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